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1980 Firebird Formula

  I have owned this car since 1990 and it was used for many years as my main transportation. In 2000 I decided it was time to repair some of the rust that had developed over the years of being stored outside and neglect from daily driver duty for many years. As I started to take the car apart, I figured "well, its only a couple more bolts to take this off" and next thing you know, a full on restoration commenced. Follow along as the slow restoration continues as I work on the Formula between other projects.

Before the restoration
Pre-restoration pictures Pre-restoration pictures Pre-restoration pictures
Passenger quarter removed
Passenger quarter off
Drivers quarter removed
Tailpanal removed
Albie having some fun Passenger quarter fitted Drivers quarter fitted Tailpanel installed
Subframe removed Subframe removed Subframe assembly rolled onto the trailer Subframe stripped
Control Arms Original 1.25" swaybar    

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